Global Chefs Challenge

The Congress will culminate in the Global Chefs Challenge Final, commonly perceived as the springboard for a career takeoff. The competition constitutes one of the most popular blocks of the Worldchefs Congress & Expo, and that comes as no surprise because young and upcoming professionals will be shaping the future of the culinary industry. Over the course of three days, 40 teams from different countries will compete across three categories to claim the title of the world’s best chef in their respective field.

In order to qualify for the Final, participants had to deliver top performance at the 2018 Culinary World Cup and the Worldchefs Regional Semi-Finals and prove that they belonged with the cream of the crop in their line of work.

Challenge participants will compete in the open-kitchen format and go head to head in an intense, thrilling, and exciting competition before a sophisticated audience and distinguished panel of experts. Competitors will be assessed based on their culinary skills, ability to perform under pressure, and the wow-factor of their culinary creations.

To ensure that no one misses out on the culinary battle, organizers have already arranged for an online broadcast.


All roads lead to St. Petersburg, which will host the final stage of the Global Chefs Challenge. For the 2020 Global Chef Challenge Final, 40 teams will compete across 3 categories: the Global Young Chefs Challenge (under 26), the Global Chefs Challenge (26 and up), and the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge.

While professionalism and the ability to perform under pressure constitute the main criteria for selecting the winner in the Global Chefs Challenge, the emphasis in the Global Young Chefs Challenge is on growth potential, and the winner in this category is awarded the Hans Bueschkens Trophy. As for the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge, the best pastry chef's work should demonstrate adherence to the standards of the world’s most modern patisseries, appeal to all five senses, account for accumulated knowledge, showcase extraordinary technique, and exhibit versatility.

According to event regulations, the host of the Worldchefs Congress and Global Chefs Challenge Final always receives a “wild card” for its national team in each of the three categories without having to qualify by placing in any partner or semi-final competition. Twelve teams comprising the highest scored performers in the Hot Kitchen at the Culinary World Cup automatically qualify as competitors in the Global Chefs Challenge category. Two teams led by finalists in the Pastry Arts competition qualify for the Global Pastry Chef Challenge. Two more teams represent top Youth National Teams in the Hot Kitchen at the Culinary World Cup and, consequently, are allowed to compete in the Global Young Chefs Challenge. Any other teams willing to enter the competition must paricipate in national qualifying rounds and Regional Semi-Finals. Seven regional winners advance to the global level and compete for top honors in the Global Chefs Challenge Finals alongside prequalifying Culinary World Cup contenders.