Event Info

1. What is the Worldchefs Congress?
The Worldchefs Congress is an international culinary event which brings together chefs, HoReCa managers and executives, representatives of global culinary brands et al. The Congress is a platform for contact exchange, resolution of global issues, and promotion of local providers and young chefs.

2. What formats are included in the event?
The event comprises the following formats:

3. Event dates
The event will be held on July 28-31, 2020.

4. Venue
EXPOFORUM ICEC, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Event Logistics

5. What is the best way to get to the event venue?
By car: take Pulkovskoe highway, exit left towards Pushkin town, follow street signs.
Shuttle service will be available for the duration of the Congress. Follow the website for updates.

6. Will there be a transfer service?
For the duration of the Congress, shuttles will be running from hotels and downtown St. Petersburg to the event venue. Follow the website for updates.

7. Is there a special discount on St. Petersburg hotels?
We are negotiating the details of a hotel discount. Follow the website for updates.

8. Will there be food courts/stands at the venue?

9. Is WiFi available at the venue?

10. What taxi services would you recommend?
Uber Russia and Yandex Taxi are available in Russia. You can download their mobile app and enter the details of your card to set up automatic payments.
Please note that you will need to download the Uber Russia app, as Uber Russia does not use the same app as Uber.

11. Is there parking available close by?
Expoforum has a 4,700-car parking lot on its premises.

12. Where can I buy Congress souvenirs?
The venue will have a stand with Congress souvenirs.

13. Can I bring my relatives, friends, children or pets with me to the exhibition?
As you complete your registration, you can select the Accompanying Person option. The person designated as the Accompanying Person may accompany you at evening receptions. Exhibition tours for Accompanying Persons can be arranged during the day for an additional fee.


14. What is on the Congress program?
The Congress program will feature discussions and panels on topical issues. Detailed information is provided under the Program section.

15. Where can I find the event program?
The program is available under the Program section. It will be updated in real-time mode.

16. How many chefs will take part in the Congress, and what countries will they represent?
Representatives of more than 105 countries that are members of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) intend to partake in the Congress. The expected number of participants is more than 2,000.

17. What nominations will be featured in the competitive part of the program?
In addition to the Global Chefs Challenge, the program will include the Global Young Chefs Challenge and Global Pastry Chefs Challenge.

18. What topics and issues will be discussed at business program events?
The business program will incorporate more than 100 events and presentations organized by top international speakers and restaurant industry experts. The current version of the program is available on the event website under the Program section.

19. Who has been announced/confirmed as business program event speakers?
The current list of speakers is available on the event website under the Speakers section.

For Participants/Delegates

20. I want to become a Congress participant. What do I need to do?
You need to register on our website and transfer the relevant payment.

21. Where can I find a comprehensive list of participants?
Speakers, chefs, and participants are listed under the corresponding sections on our website.

22. I would like become a speaker / suggest a paper topic for the business program. Who can help me with that?
You need to send an email with the description of your proposed paper to Anastasia Boryak (boryak@formika.ru).

23. Where can I get a participant badge?
You can collect the badge at the registration stand upon presenting your ticket and passport.

24. What should I do if I forgot/lost/cannot find my badge? Will I be admitted to the Congress site?
We suggest that you not lose your badge and keep it in sight at all times.

25. Will I be able to register at the event venue?
Yes, you can register at the onsite registration stand.

26. Can I register online?
Yes, you can complete online registration on our website.

27. Do I have to bring my passport with me?
Yes, you will need to present your ticket and passport in order to collect your badge.

28. What is the price of Congress participation, and what is included in the price?
Presently, we have the following options:

Please note that we offer the following discounts: Young Chef Discount, Early Bird Registration Discount, and discount for Russian citizens. Detailed information on pricing and options is available on the website under the Registration section.

29. What ticket types and options are available?
Presently, we offer the following participation formats:

30. Do you offer group discounts?
No, we do not offer group discounts.

31. Will tickets be available for purchase at the Congress venue?
Yes, you will be able to purchase tickets at the registration stand.

32. Will I be able to pay for the ticket using my credit card?
Yes, you can use your credit card to pay for the ticket once you complete your registration on the website under the Registration section.

33. Can I choose to attend certain Congress days / specific program blocks? / Is it necessary to be present on all Congress days?
No, it is not necessary.

34. Will the price of participation change if I plan to attend only certain sessions/seminars/master classes?
No, the price will remain the same. But you can purchase a ticket that grants admittance to the Exhibition on a specific day.

For Exhibitors

35. I would like to participate in the exhibition. Where should I send my application?
Для того, чтобы принять участие в выставке, Вам надо зарегистрироваться как экспонент.
In order to partake in the exhibition, you need to register as an exhibitor. For details, please contact Anastasia Boryak (boryak@formika.ru).

36. On what Congress days will the exhibition be held?
The exhibition will be open on all Congress days from July 28 until July 31, 2020.

37. What is included in the exhibitor package?
The exhibitor package includes the exhibition space and 10 exhibitor badges which grant admittance to the exhibition and the competitive part of the program.

38. What company is the recommended exhibition constructor?
Expoforum Design. Detailed information is available on Expoforum Design website https://www.ef-design.ru/

39. Is it necessary to obtain special passes for installation and dismantlement?
Yes. Should you have any questions, please contact Expoforum technical service.

For Partners

40. What is the procedure for becoming a Congress partner?
To discuss partner options, please contact Anastasia Boryak (boryak@formika.ru).

For the Media

41. What is the procedure for becoming a Congress information partner?
To discuss information partner options, please contact Anastasia Boryak (boryak@formika.ru).

42. What is the procedure for registering as a media representative at the Congress?
Registration for media representatives will open on the Congress website in March 2020.

43. Where can I get my accreditation?
Upon the completion of online registration, you need to collect your badge at the onsite registration stand after July 26, 2020.

44. What is the procedure for arranging interviews with certain speakers / chefs / Congress guests?
A press center will be set up at the Congress venue. Our PR service will help you to arrange an interview at the venue.

45. Will there be a special working space (press center) for media representatives?
Yes, a press center will be set up at the Congress venue.