General information

Worldchefs Congress & Expo is a unique interactive platform that incorporates key areas of the culinary world and features various participation formats: exhibition; business program which includes congress and forum events, master classes, workshops, and presentations; and the final stage of the Global Chefs Challenge, a culinary competition wherein professional chefs from five continents go head to head to determine who is the best.


Neither Russia nor the CIS can boast a similar event. In 2020, the Congress which will be held at Expoforum, St. Petersburg, is going to bring together not only food connoisseurs, talented chefs, global sponsors and representatives of famous culinary schools, but also restaurateurs, hoteliers, manufacturers of professional products and kitchen equipment, restaurant critics, reporters, and many others.

What makes the Congress so special?

1. Global appeal

The Congress has been held at 30 international destinations since 1928. Every two years, it moves to a new location and accommodates international participants from more than 110 countries. The Congress which will be held in Russia is expected to attract more than 4,000 chefs from around the globe.

2. Scope

In 2018, the Congress was held in Malaysia. It brought together approximately 4,000 chefs from different parts of the world and more than 6,000 other participants, including restaurateurs, critics, bloggers, manufacturers of kitchen equipment, suppliers, etc. The 2020 Congress will feature discussions on global objectives and trends, HR, education, waste management, the role of women in the culinary arts, robotization and automation of production, globalization of the food industry, and many other things.

3. Internationality

The Congress provides a chance to make oneself known in the international culinary arena. For the first time in Russia, the event will feature the conferral of awards in the following nominations that are unique for Russia, but quite customary for the international audience: best humanitarian project, best eco-restaurant and eco-policy, best educational project, and best sustainable development project.

Young and experienced chefs will push conventional boundaries in order to produce unprecedented examples of haute cuisine, determine the future direction of the industry, and develop flawless standards of professional operations.

For the first time since its inception in 1928, the largest culinary competition will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia's cultural capital. The location was selected based on its great gastronomic potential, and even the most sophisticated visitors will find something to their liking in the extensive event program.

What to expect?