Congress history

35th Worldchefs Congress & Expo

Location: Daejeon, South Korea

Year: 2012


The 35th Worldchefs Congress was held in South Korea in 2012. During the event, its slogan being “How to Feed the Planet in the Future”, participants sought to emphasize the growing role of chefs in the context of globalization. Guided by the principles of social responsibility and conscious consuming, top representatives of the culinary arts were able to demonstrate their skills and apply the concept of environmentally sustainable future (a better and more livable world) in their creations. The Congress theme correlated with the announced topic of EXPO-2015 in Milano and was dedicated to showing the importance of chefs as professionals essential for the promotion of positive social change. The city of Daejeon, a super-modern technological and innovative cluster in Northeast Asia, was selected to host the event, whereas the Congress allowed for an extensive exposure of the Korean national cuisine and putting it on the map.

Korea Cooks Association (KCA) served as event organizer.

36th Worldchefs Congress & Expo

Location: Stavanger, Norway

Year: 2014


In 2014, the 36th Worldchefs Congress moved to Stavanger (Norway), which had been previously designated the European Capital of Culture and boasts a plethora of diverse museums and cultural events. Stavanger is known for its Gladmat food festival, which attracts about 250,000 visitors annually, and the Worldchefs Congress took the city to another gastronomic level. The event provided Norwegian chefs with an opportunity to promote a charming and unique Nordic cuisine, brought together over 600 delegates from around the globe, showcased culinary masterpieces from different parts of the world, and allowed its participants to share their experiences and discuss topical issues.

37th Worldchefs Congress & Expo

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Year: 2016


The 37th Worldchefs Congress was held in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 2016. The Congress focused on molecular gastronomy introduced by Hervé This, Director of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique at AgroParisTech (Paris). Hervé This is the guru of culinary phenomena and processes which occur during culinary transformations. His approach is based on the use of pure compounds as opposed to animal and plant tissues.

At the Congress, talented chefs surprised the panel of judges and the audience with a modern take on the Greek cuisine characterized by an emphasis on traditional Mediterranean ingredients and engaged in the discussion of fine dining and even dieting in the Middle Ages. Issues pertaining to sustainable development were addressed through the prism of culinary standards and principles and their future prospects. The Congress program featured a few master classes and presentations, but the following ones warranted special attention: Five Flavors of the Chinese Cuisine by Yibin Qian, Qinlin Yin, Manrong Hu, Xipeng Tang, and Shuangqi Li of the China Cuisine Association, Tarhana & Sahlep: Secret Ingredients of the Turkish National Cuisine by Cem Erol, Executive Instructor Chef at MSA (Turkey), and Monastery Food and Mediterranean Diet by Monk Epifanios of Mount Athos (Greece).

38th Worldchefs Congress & Expo

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year: 2018


The 38th Worldchefs Congress was held in Malaysia in 2018. It brought together more than 4,000 chefs from 105 countries, 6,000 delegates, 200 exhibitors, 20 speakers, and 70 participants of the Global Chefs Challenge. Over the years, such issues as waste-free production, food strategy, rethinking the approach to various types of waste (#Retaste - Reimagining the Flavor of Waste), viability of policies targeting the reduction of household and food waste, and practical recommendations on a global positive change have lost none of their relevance. At the same time, the 38th Worldchefs Congress program paid special attention to highly specialized matters, such as halal food, opportunities for professional development and growth, and instruction in culinary skills in the information age. At the Congress, Marcel Thiele, High End Gastronomy Expert & Spicehunter at Koppert Cress B.V. (Netherlands), made a presentation entitled QuintEssence of Creativity. Eric Jose Olmedo Panal, Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies of the National University of Malaysia, and Anisha Chai, Associate Dean at the School of Hospitality of Sunway University, talked about the history of culinary arts in Malaysia.

Malaysia passed the torch to Russia. The next Worldchefs Congress & Expo will be held in St. Petersburg in July of 2020.